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Teknorot 2. Dealer Meeting

14 February 2020

Teknorot, met with the sales managers of its dealers on 5 October 2018. In the meeting, 2018 was evaluated and 2019 targets were shared. There was an exchange of views on the remaining period of 2018, studies on Turkish market for the year 2019. Teknorot business partners shared their expectations for 2019. Detailed information regarding the 650 different references and new products that were introduced in 2018 were shared. The target of 2019 was shared as 700 new products by Teknorot. In line with this new target, new logistics center, American market investments and new Aluminum forging facility were introduced. As well as with this investments Teknorot said that they have developed their automation-based production systems within Industry 4.0 studies. Teknorot received positive feedback from the dealers about the boxes and product packages which were prepared in accordance with the new brand identity. During the meeting information was given about the promotional activities, seminars, fairs and meeting organizations within the scope of Teknorot marketing activities. Feedback regarding the Premium Line products developed for new generation vehicles and released in July, was shared and in line with this positive thoughts from the market it is decided to continue to work on and expand the Premium Line product portfolio. At the end of the organization, it was decided to repeat this effective meeting every three months.

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