Bushing; smart connection between rubber and metal

With the driving characteristics of the bushes and their decisive influence on driving safety and with usage of numerous track control arm and sheet metal wishbone on up-to-date chassis configurations have been increasing use of rubber to metal parts.

The vulcanized connection between natural rubber and metal is specially designed considering the vibrations on the vehicle and these designs make a significant contribution to driving comfort.

The bushing production department works as follows;

  • The surface treatment of metal components to be used in the vulcanization process
  • Vulcanization of metal components and natural rubber mixture, by using transfer and injection molding presses in which all processes are monitored and controlled by computer

Each bushing of ours offers high durability and driving safety;

  • Excellent compatible material properties
  • Damped chassis vibrations
  • Excellent assembly

Bushings are safety and comfort components, and designed uniquely to reduce vibration and noise when the vehicle is in motion. Bushings help vehicle’s suspension parts to connect to chassis. Bushing parts can be natural rubber depending on design of vehicle; however, can be produced half natural rubber half metal. In the recent years, high-enduring engineering plastics have begun to be used instead of metal.

In the bushing production, all of the raw materials imported from the outside primarily pass through a rigorous input quality control process. If metal components is used for production, the process begins with forming metal pipes by eccentric presses. Metal pipes shaped in appropriate quality conditions. Rubber is subjected to washing, sanding, degreasing and painting processes so that the metal and metal surfaces can be adhered to each other perfectly before entering the vulcanization presses.  Surface-cleaned metal parts are painting at fully automatic painting line to keep the desired paint coating thickness under constant control.

After required surface operation for adhesion, metal components is being processed with rubber paste which possess cold feeder system. Then, final product can be obtained. The specifications of the rubber paste to be used in the vulcanization operation are supplied from A class suppliers in order to ensure that they are exactly the same as the original part and are kept in the cold air storage until production to protect the technical properties of the rubber paste in the factory.

After the vulcanization operation, the necessary deburring process is followed by a chrome or phosphate plating on the body so that the products can not be subjected to corrosion depending on the usage conditions of the vehicle. Every step of the production and quality control operations is carried out by qualified personnel.  Ensuring high driving safety and continuity of strength is the common mission of the team in all Bushing production operations. As the bushes are packed and shipped directly to customer, also we use bushes as a component of Wishbone, Link Stabilizer and Track Control Arm.