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Education and Improvement

Teknorot Automotive believes in the principle of “Humanitarian investment has the highest return’’. Our training objective is to provide all our employees with high standards of development and training and to make them a major contributor to the success of the company.

We are trying to contribute to the contemporary human resource management by aiming to create a high performance employee culture. As a result of continous development and changes in competitive environment and technology, in order to maintain and improve our position, we raise awareness of our employees about personal growth with the vocational and personal development trainings. You can see the details of the training activities we provide to improve our employees’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, performance, motivation, and spread our company culture below.

Orientation Training:

New employee begins a training program with general information about the company.

Internal and External Education:

Training programs that are organized outside the company or within the company to improve the knowledge and skills of the staff o as required.

Our Internal Trainings; Technical Skills Trainings, Quality Systems Trainings, Personal Development Trainings and Occupational Health and Work Safety Trainings.

Our External Trainings; At the end of the year, a training budget is calculated according to the demands and needs of our managers to be used in the following year. Addition, unplanned trainings can also be provided to all of our employees in respect of changes in priorities and new requirements, throughout the year.

On-the-job trainings:

These trainings are specified according to the duties of our employees and given on-the-job in order to provide technical information for evaluating customer complaints and process errors.  

Vocational and Technical Trainings:

Skills and harmonization trainings / courses mentioned in the Vocational and Technical Education Law numbered 3308.

Motivation Activities

Employee satisfaction survey, Recognition questionnaire, etc. are obtained as a result of the motivation action plan is prepared sports, cultural and social activities are organized.

The purpose of this procedure is, to support CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) thinking and behaviour style, to ensure the continuity of improvement proposals, to prioritize group suggestions, to increase motivation for practising ideas, to realize values in a shorter and simpler way, and also to encourage our employees to catch up with the existing potentials and improve them in small steps within Teknorot.

Proposals made by employees are regularly evaluated and rewarded; to increase motivation among employees, to encourage teamwork and co-operation and to ensure that they are recognized and appreciated.

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