As Teknorot, we interpret the environmental and occupational health policy based on respect of people and the enviroment impact. Our employees have to meet their obligations to maintain the health and safety workplace. One of the most important aim is protecting health and safety of persons at work against possible risks of our work activities.

  • To minimise waste, arising from our work activities and production, where applicable any case and work area. To organize work activities in order to prevent the pollution caused by waste.
  • To implement the technology, keeping waste to minimumin the environment and using effectively natural resources by considering environmental effects, in investment and process designs.
  • To determine and evaluate the possible hazards and take the required precaution to protect our employees and environment against hazards, accidents and health impairments in all potential conditions.
  • To share all the circumstances and consequences of all activities carried out which concerns our employees health and safety, and providing participation of all employees to define and apply of the precautions and improvements.
  • To strictly adapt to all applicable laws, regulations and all other essentialness’ regarding the occupational health, safety and environment.
  • To organize trainings and activities on the purpose of enhancing the awareness of employees in environmental and occupational health matters.
  • To review our processes and behaviours regularly, improve continuously and evaluate our influences to human and environment. From this point of view to guarantee the efficiency of our health, safety and environment programme by specifying of our improvement potential and weaknesses.