TEKNOROT;  all wishbone production activities with modern lines up to the final product of wishbone are continuing in the new 5000 m² closed area in the factory since the beginning of 2015.

TEKNOROT; With the increasing investments for sector experience, quality culture and special processes every year, we have the precedence of being at the arbiter position on wishbone production and will continue to be solution partner for our customers at the same time.

TEKNOROT; Continue to produce quality and fulfillment the in time shipment commitments to costumer with 10 Robot welding line and Servo-controlled ball joint and bushing presses.

As a TEKNOROT we aware of fact the manufacture the primary level carry safety characteristics products for our end customers, we are always taking steps to achieve better while we are developing our processes.

In this context, we are aware of how our manufacturing processes are important in our TEKNOROT Wishbone production. We have once again proved our difference with CMT Integrated Welding Robots which we launched in 2016 from our and continue to produce in OEM quality standards.

Process standardization are securing with our Servo-controlled ball joint and bushing presses park and  lean manufacturing single-band assembly-packaging lines can pack for more than 70 Teknorot costumer per day.