Teknorot Forging Center has a capacity of 10.000 tons of forging per year. Steel and aluminum parts are produced based on our modern technology software and presses in 0,1-7 kg per piece. Our Forging Center has significant numbers of press machines which varies from 600 to 2500 tones in order to produce and forges steel and aluminium.

The cut pieces are heated in modern PLC controlled ovens and sent to forging presses. Operations are completed after grinding, sandblasting, ball joint hole drilling and cold calibrating operations.

Aluminum parts are subjected to heat treatment for solution and aging processes in modern PLC controlled ovens to provide the necessary mechanical properties after forging. After heat treatment, parts are ready for machining by sandblasting operation.

Post-design simulation programs are used to produce recently active products in a correct way at one time and to improve existing products. We continuously enhance projects to reduce the raw materials, energy, natural resources and waste that we use, in order to leave a livable world for future generations.