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Global Production Facilities

In line with today’s most important strategy of the production industry, Teknorot has implemented a global organization structure as of 2011. Teknorot’s global production and distribution facility investments are driven by considering long-term market needs of the regions and ongoing strategies with business partners, thus providing a more flexible and effective supply chain to both existing and new business partners. In this context, since 2011, Teknorot has invested in many production and distribution facilities as well as its main production facility located in Düzce.

Teknorot Düzce / Turkey

Teknorot is Europe’s the biggest manufacturer of steering and suspension components for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Starting its journey with 100% local capital in 1992, Teknorot today continues its production at its own facilities with a total area of 160.000 m², 120.000 m² of it being indoors including a large machine park with more than 2.300 employees in Düzce Industrial Zone.

As part of our commitment to manufacturing excellence and superior customer service in steering and suspension, Teknorot continues its investments with a recent acquisition of a new factory in II. Industrial Zone in Düzce/Turkey.
Located minutes away from Teknorot’s current facility, this new factory – with a 67.000 m² total campus area, 34.000 m² of which is closed space – will increase Teknorot’s capacity in assembly, packing and distribution.  With this addition, Teknorot’s total manufacturing space will reach 160.000 m² open / 100.000 m² closed area in Turkey.

In parallel with our 3-year growth plan , this new investment in manufacturing space and warehousing capability will let us meet and exceed your expectations from a top-notch manufacturer. We continue to be the 1 choice of the customer for steering & suspension products

Alteka Forging Düzce / Turkey

In 2018, Alteka started to operate in Düzce on 18,000 square meters open area and 5,000 square meters closed area, with high technology to produce Aluminum forged parts between 0.1kg and 5kg. Alteka has an annualy 3000 tons Aluminum forging capacity.

Alteka is capable of forging and heat treatment of 6XXX series in automotive sector , 2XXX and 7XXX series in defense industry with high engineering and at European standards. Upon request, production can be made with customer-specific aluminum alloys. Alteka together with its advanced technology simulation programs, manufactures post-designed products at first time and accurately.

Alteka is producing aluminum forged knucle, Suspension Control Arm, control arm, ball joint, tie rod end, weapon body and bushing body. Alteka also works for the aerospace, railways, construction and energy sector.

As Alteka; Thanks to the durability, lightness, economics and alongside recycling without any quality loss of aluminum forgings, we continue our efforts to leave a livable and clean world to future generations.

Forging Production

The cut pieces are heated in PLC controlled ovens with 100% temperature control and sent to forging presses. With the drive control, press speeds can be adjusted and the ideal forging speed for aluminum is achieved.

We have:

– One 2500 tons forging line

– One 1600 tons forging line

– One 1000 tons forging line


Please visit http://www.altekaforge.com/en/ for detailed information about this facility.

Kautek Düzce / Turkey

KAUTEK is the producer of rubber and metal products in the passenger cars and light commercial vehicles segments of the automotive sector.

With over 30 years of experience in our sector, Kautek brand was created in 2012 to meet the requests of the valuable customers and to provide a better service in the field of rubber metal.

The vision is to follow closely the demands in the sector and to produce goods and services with highest quality that goes beyond our customers expectations; and to become a Growing, Strong, Leading and Respectable world brand.

The mission is to carry KAUTEK to the future by constantly increasing the quality and services of the company, which embraces the principles of Persistence, Honesty, Innovation, Determination and Leadership.

Kautek’s product groups are Bushes, Engine Mount, Transmission Mounting, Strut Mounting, Rubber Buffer for Suspension, Turbo Hoses, Shaft Propeller, Exhaust mount and Antiroll Bar Bushes. Kautek is the manufacturer and distributor of these product groups

Kautek is the one of the most leading rubber to metal parts producer and distributor in Turkey and Europe.

Please visit http://www.kautek.com.tr/ for detailed information about Kautek.


IR India / India

Our India plant is located in Chennai/Madras region which is considered as the heart of Indian automotive industry for main and subsidiary parts production. With its 250 employees, this facility produces sheet metal forming dies and sheet metal parts in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 certification.

IR Spain / Spain

Our Spain plan is located in Pamplona (50 kilometers away to the border of France) and due to its closeness to European markets it is used as our packaging and distribution center. Detailed information about this ISO TS 16949 certified facility can be found at www.irecambio.com.

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