We produce all our molds by using the latest technology machinery and software. Among computer engineering software; we use several molding technologies for sheet metal and hot forging seperately . In this way, ideal mold designs are produced correctly in single use.

Molds of Wishbone, Hot Forging, Rubber Vulcanization and cold feeder rubber injection is produced in Teknorot Molding Center bu experienced and trained personnel. In Teknorot Molding Center, these types of molds’ production, maintenance and revision take place.

Thanks to CAD / CAM / CAE softwares and experienced staff, manufacturing and Maintenance of molds made in Teknorot Molding Center.

In our molding center, we make a lot of molds with CNC processing centers;

  • Hot Forging Molds and rectification
  • Sheet Metal Forming Molds
  • Rubber Injection Molds