Today, Teknorot has reached to approximately 900 new items range in a year, and aims to increase this number day by day. Thanks to its continuous investments at home and abroad, Teknorot produces steering and suspension parts of hundreds of multi brands and models of a variety of different continents in the aftermarket industry. By analyzing the needs of the market in the best possible way without discriminating any brand, it has been able to clearly see how accurate product choices are made by considering the demands from the customers in time, with sales figures and customer satisfaction feedbacks.

Thanks to the successful and coordinated efforts of Teknorot’s specialized product management and product development engineering teams with the factory production and quality teams, the closest and often more advanced version of the original is brought to the market in a total of 14 different product groups. Our new products consist of control arms, ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, link stabilizers, lateral arms and rubber materials connected to them, which are in our product groups and have different designs and technological innovations compatible with many brands and models.

Teknorot is a company that has been able to add about 95% of its European and nearby geographical car park to its range in a short time. He has driven his goal to develop the whole, and has gained a strategic advantage over competitors in the fastest way of developing the suspension parts of many new vehicles on the market. Teknorot wants to renew its superior success in Europe and close geographies in the world’s largest automotive market, North America, with a similar success that it believes will be a result of its big investments. The share of new products and the speed at which they are launched have already attracted many new customers’ attention.

With the new product newsletters ( New Items) that are regularly released to customers every month, in 2017, we were able to get a full score from our valued customers through the ‘Quick Launch’ application, where all the parts of a new vehicle were launched. Teknorot, which is always the brand of the firsts, knows how to meet all expectations of customers with their firsts just in time.