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Daewoo Steering Center Link

Steering Center Link

The Center Link or Center Rod are not exactly on the right or left of the vehicle, as the name implies. It is an important part of the steering system, usually located on the axis passing through the center of the vehicle. It is more common in older generation vehicles and generally works with the idler arm and pitman arm. In the new generation SUV style vehicles, the product group that we call 'drag link' in English has taken its place. With the ball joint mechanism on both sides, the movement from the wheel is transmitted to the wheels via the rod assembly. The most typical feature that distinguishes the drag link from the center link is that it does not have a inner tie rod or with another saying, axial joint.

As Europe’s largest manufacturer of suspension and steering components, Teknorot continues to keep its product development targets in line with its customers’ demands for product development. In particular, Teknorot center links compatible with BMW, MERCEDES, LAND ROVER, NISSAN brand vehicles continue to be introduced to the knowledge of our valued customers.

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