Teknorot Otomotiv has been awarded the R&D Center title by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology under the law numbered 5746 since April 2011.

The R&D Center has more than 75 qualified personnel, most of whom are engineers, and they have a strong infrastructure with associate degree, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral student specialists. In addition to product development, process development, product improvement, technology development, test validation method development functions; customer technical support services are also provided.

Used Tools

In order to perform these activities, the highest level software and hardware are used in today’s conditions.

CES Selector software is used for the Material Properties Database and is verified with the Spectral Tester and Instron Universal test device in R&D Laboratories.

Siemens NX Unigraphics is used for CAD design with 3D solid and surface modeling.

Within the scope of computer aided engineering, simulation and analysis studies are carried out with Ansys Workbench, nCode Design Life, Autoform and Simufact.

The highest level of 3D CMM, Laser scanning and life test devices are used for measurement and verification.


IFS and TeamCenter are used for information and data management.

New Product Development

The quality products are provided to the aftermarket referring to the demands from the customers and Sales / Marketing Department, the projects are managed in accordance with the TS 16949 quality management standard.

Regarding all products manufactured; benchmark studies, literature and patent research, design, analysis and simulation, process analysis, verification tests are conducted. Technological innovations, patents and utility models used in original parts of vehicles are closely being followed in order to increase our ability to develop original and/or better quality products constantly.

Process Development

The development of the processes of the new products being designed and the adaptation of innovations in this regard are carried out within the scope of the R&D Center also.

In addition, production optimization projects are carried out under the leadership of R&D Center by using lean manufacturing techniques in order to increase productivity in production processes.

Product Improvement

As a result of evaluating product-based performance improvement requests from customers and end users, necessary improvements are planned and carried out for product design and processes.

In addition to these demands, the performances of the products are followed closely and further improvement studies are carried out in order to aiming full customer satisfaction with superior quality on the market.

Technology Development

In the process of technology development, it is aimed that Teknorot Otomotiv brand value will always be in the first place by making efforts to adapt the manufactured products to new technologies and to improve production stages.

Advanced Engineering Studies

The design made using Siemens NX 3D design program provides the virtual environment before prototype stage and analysis and simulation studies are carried out in order to minimize the losses in the process of product development and implementation. Thanks to these tools, products are presented to the market earlier and stand out on the market. To that end, analysis software such as Ansys, Autoform and Simufact are used all over the world.

R&D Center has achieved a strong and reliable position in the European market as well as in new markets opened with new investments by increasing the annual new product development capacity continuously.

With a professional team under project management, as well as product projects carried out in the R & D Center; TUBITAK – TEYDEB projects and process improvement projects are also being carried out in cooperation with publicly funded and many different universities and research institutions.

Receiving certificates for equivalent parts on the aftermarket and projects of European Union projects such as HORIZON 2020 are being carried out within the scope of international cooperation frameworks.

Parts developed with projects, patents and utility model studies regarding to technology and processes are important activities carried out by the R&D Center.