Teknorot believes product and manufacturing innovation will drive company’s future and competitiveness in Steering and Suspension.  Therefore Teknorot invests heavily in R&D to fuel its productivity and intellectual competitiveness.

Advancing in manufacturing technology using innovation is the main goal at Teknorot. Teknorot constantly strives to create and apply manufacturing technologies to lower its cycle time in manufacturing. An OEM trained and experienced 70 people team manage the entire innovation and technology development process.  Based on its credentials, Teknorot is the first Steering and Suspension manufacturer that received “R&D Center” status by Turkish Government in 2011. A number of special projects jointly developed by Teknorot, National Universities and TUBİTAK in Turkey continue to set Teknorot apart from its competition in manufacturing productivity.

In product innovation, Teknorot R&D center is home to significant number of patents and our product development team successfully applies those technologies to create differentiated products for our partners. While doing so, Teknorot also researches the use of new materials or components in steering and suspension. With the responsibility of manufacturing “safety critical” automotive components, Teknorot’s advancements also target bringing higher standards in safety. Testimony to this, Teknorot is one of only 2 manufacturers which is accredited by Turkish Government as “OE Equivalent” in terms of design, development and manufacturing of Steering and Suspension components.

Teknorot – Always Ahead!