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Chevrolet Steering Tie Rod End

Steering Tie Rod End

The tie rod end (tie rod outer) transfers the movement from the steering wheel to the wheels and allows the wheels to move relative to the vertical axis. There is a ball & socket joint on the wheel side of the tie rod end, which is lubricated during production and is covered by a rubber booth for protection. The other side is connected to the axial joint by a screw mechanism. In order to be effective, the steering system has to turn the wheels at the same rate and along the same plane in any condition of both the car and the road. The tie rods (axial joints) and tie rod ends need to make sure that the wheels are held firmly. A worn tie rod (axial joint) or tie rod end can result to abnormal wear patterns on the tires, wandering of the vehicle on the road and erratic steering. Aside from tie rod end replacement, a wheel alignment is also required since tie rod end replacement disturbs the toe settings. To summarize, steering and suspension systems should be checked regularly at a qualified service shop for best results. Wise car owners know that ignoring to replace worn tie rod end and tie rod (axial joint) with a new one on time will only lead to more incomfort and expense. The best solution that many resort to is the timely check and replacement. Tie Rod End replacement is the most practical way of bringing back the sharp steering capability of a car, just like it used to be before. However, the new parts must be accurately installed to ensure its excellent function. Considering these critical roles, Teknorot tie rod ends are manufactured in accordance with international standards for safe driving and long life use, taking safety test values into account as in all other products. All tie rod ends that are manufactured in our own facilities are presented to domestic and international markets with a great variety of choice. As a result of this variety, Teknorot has made a success of covering 95% of European product range compatible with many famous brands' products such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot and Fiat's and now aims the same success rates for the North American market in the next few years. All of this is a natural result of Teknorot's determined investment decisions and the professional expertise. We always offer tie rod ends compatible to the specifications of your vehicle's suspension system. Our tie rod ends are designed to steadily provide the right amount of preload to ensure proper steering effort. They feature a forged and heat-treated housing for added toughness and durability.

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